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Top Nine Things That Make Homeowners Unhappy With Their Homes

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If you live in a house long enough you may be likely to have some areas of the home that you love and others that you wish you could change. Here are the top nine things that can make homeowners unhappy with their homes. These are important to keep in mind when considering a home renovation project to ensure you are completely satisfied with the finished product!

  1. The house doesn’t have enough rooms.
  2. After living in a home for a while, homeowners may find that they have outgrown the space and need extra room for an office, gym, or guest room.


  3. Closet space is limited.
  4. Older homes often have very small or a limited number of closets that lead to frustration and disorganization for the homeowner.


  5. Electrical outlets are limited in each room.
  6. With the number of electronics that are used today, many homes do not have the number of electrical outlets in each room that families need.


  7. There is only a single car garage.
  8. Most families have more than one car that needs to be parked in the garage or wish to use it as a space for storage.


  9. The laundry room is in the wrong place.
  10. Some homeowners may prefer the laundry room be located upstairs near the bedrooms and bathrooms.


  11. There aren’t enough bathrooms.
  12. As a family grows, the number and size of bathrooms the need often grows along with it.


  13. The family no longer needs formal spaces.
  14. Some families never use their formal living and dining rooms and may prefer to use that space to expand the kitchen or family room.


  15. The flooring is dated or worn out.
  16. In older homes, vinyl or carpeted floors typically have dated patterns or need to be replaced with more modern hardwoods or laminate.


  17. The kitchen is dated.
  18. Homeowners may want a modern kitchen that has added space for food preparation and storage.

If you are not completely satisfied with the rooms in your home, contact Bohan Contracting on our website, or by phone for a consultation and free estimate. We will work with you to create a space in your home that will make you fall in love with it again.