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4 Things To Keep in Mind for Your Room Addition Project

Adding an extra room to a house increases the square footage, which in turn, might increase the value of the home. It also provides extra space for the family or guests to enjoy. Even so, not all room additions are created equal. Here’s how to ensure your room addition is one that works well and meets your needs.

Consider Needs

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bonus room to lounge in the sun or read on winter afternoons by a cozy fire. However, it’s important to start with needs first. Do you have enough storage? Does everyone in the home have their own room? Is this an older home with only one bathroom that could do well with another?

Remember Building Codes

What are the building codes in your area? Will you need a permit to get the work started? The contractor you choose to work with can provide details, but doing some research on your own is important. This allows you to get an idea of the cost that may lie ahead and how long the waiting period for permits might be.

Use Existing Space

Digging up the yard to add a foundation and build upward can be expensive. If there is an existing part of the home you can build on to, you can save time and money. For instance, you could renovate the unfinished basement you never use or build a room on top of the detached garage. These options also help to reduce the footprint of the home so you retain yard space.

Shop Around for Professionals

The first architect and contractor you come across might not meet all your needs. It’s also important to shop around for a good price. When selecting professionals to work with, ensure that they have the necessary experience. They should also be licensed, bonded, and insured. Finally, try not to make decisions based on price alone. Quality is of equal importance.

Room additions are great investments, so work with professionals who have the qualifications you need. Contact Bohan Contracting by calling 410-774-5122 or emailing us today!