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custom build contractor

How to Work with a Custom Build Contractor

If you’re building a custom space, you need it to go as smoothly as possible. This includes your relationship with the builder, which makes it easier if you have someone you can trust. Your contractor will rely on you for many things throughout the project, and understanding your relationship while working together as a team…

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bohan contracting

Why Choose Bohan Contracting?

Bohan Contracting is a locally owned and operated business. We live and work in Annapolis and the surrounding area. We are known as the community contractor of choice. Our experts build, remodel, and renovate homes throughout the area with skilled knowledge and workmanship. Choose Community Values Not only do we live and work in the…

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home addition plans

Time to Plan Your Home Addition

You like where you live. You enjoy your home. The problem is there is not quite enough of it. You need more space for the extra people who are living with you, or you want a dedicated art space, or you need a workroom where power tools cannot be heard through the rest of the…

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home with new exterior paint

When Should You Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

Is It Time to Repaint? Painting your home is a significant investment that protects your exterior from the elements, but you may be wondering when to repaint. If you wait too long, the home’s building materials can degrade quickly and allow moisture to enter the interior. Understanding crucial factors like the quality of the last…

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energy-efficient windows

Benefits of Upgrading To Energy-Efficient Windows

  Energy-Efficient Window Replacement As a residential-only remodeling contractor, Bohan Contracting is focused on providing high-end remodeling and exterior improvement services. One of the services we offer is the installation of energy-efficient windows. Homeowners understand how important it is to protect against energy loss and displacement in the home. While you might think that your…

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Revitalize Your Home With Exterior Painting

Spring is a great time to focus on exterior home improvements. As the weather gets warmer and we find ourselves spending more time outside, the importance of curb appeal increases. As you think about all the steps you can take to improve your home’s exterior, you might consider painting. Removing the Peeling Paint There’s nothing…

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home addition construction

Build Up or Build Out: Which Home Addition Is Right for You?

Have you ever thought about expanding your home? When you have a new addition constructed, you have more room for your family, more space for new rooms, and a higher property value. When considering a new addition, you have two options. You can choose to build out, or you can choose to build up. What…

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basement leak

Why Do Basements Leak During Colder Months?

Basements are notorious for developing leaks and harboring moisture throughout the year. However, most homeowners share that the problem is worst during the winter. What is it about the colder months that increase your chances of finding puddles of cold water and spots of mold and mildew in the basement? Clogged Drains One of the…

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Construction of home addition

Building an Addition Frequently Beats Moving

Consider Home Addition Maybe you are experiencing a growing family. Perhaps you and your spouse have both decided to work from home permanently. It could be that everyone needs more privacy, room for hobbies, or an extra bathroom. Whatever the reason, you may suddenly come to the realization that your home is not big enough….

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3 Reasons to Waterproof and Refinish Your Basement

Whether your basement is completely unfinished, or you’re working on a remodel, the options are endless when it comes to what can be done. As you consider the possibilities, be sure to include waterproofing. Waterproofing is one of the best things you can do when you refinish or renovate your basement, and here’s why. To…

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