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The Benefits of a New Coat of Paint on Your Home

The median sale price of a home in Maryland was $361,400 in January 2023, reports Redfin. With a fall in the number of homes sold and steady increases in prices, now is the time to make the most of your investment. Hold on to it and boost its value with a new coat of paint.

When you paint your house, you do more than make it look nicer. The job itself can seem like a major chore though, so why is it all worth it?

We can help you along the way. Read on to learn about fresh paint benefits for your home!

A New Coat of Paint Protects Your House

When you paint your house, you renew its resistance to the elements. Heavy rain, wind, hail, snow, and even harsh sunlight all damage your home’s exterior. Paint benefits your home’s structure by forming a barrier between it and extreme weather.

Paint can help prevent metal rust, decay, and rotten wood. A new coat of paint in the right color can even make your home more energy efficient!

Fresh paint helps stop pests from entering and damaging your home. insects like termites, wasps, and bees all look for gaps in wood and brick to crawl into and form nests. Paint helps to seal these gaps and send creepy crawlies elsewhere.

Boost Aesthetics When you Paint Your House

We know we said a new coat of paint does more than make your home look nice, but let’s face it, visual appeal is a huge factor in mustering the motivation to paint your home. You can take years off of your home’s perceived age with a lick of paint in the right places.

Peeling, chipped, weathered paint looks bad, and it makes people wonder what the inside of your home looks like. Compared to other types of renovations, a new coat of paint is cost-effective and has an immediate aesthetic impact on you, your family, and passersby.

You can change the style of your home from the outside in. Let your chosen color of paint guide your interior design ideas; you can create a home that your neighbors envy without breaking the bank.

Make Your Home Easier to Sell

When, or if, you decide to sell your home, a new coat of paint will attract buyers. Curb appeal is one of the most vital parts of real estate sales, and if your interior is in top condition too, your home should get snatched off the market.

The potential profit from a new coat of paint far outweighs the time and money it takes. Even if you rent your home out, you will reduce the vacant time between tenants if your exterior looks pleasing to the eyes.

Bring New Life to Your Home

Are you ready to apply a new coat of paint to your home? Even simple renovations protect and add value, but if you lack the time, you can hire remodeling services to do the hard work for you.

Bohan Contracting offers remodeling, roof repairs, major home additions, custom home building, and energy-saving window fitting. We have been in business for 6 generations, and we offer full insurance and warranties for all of our projects.

Our fully-licensed team also specializes in custom bedroom and kitchen remodeling. Whatever your home improvement needs, Bohan Contracting can help you get it done in Greater Annapolis, Maryland.

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