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How To Instantly Make Your Home More Aesthetically Appealing

Your home’s floor plan may longer work for you. Even so, you don’t need to move. One or more smart adjustments to the floor plan can restore the magic. Here are three ways you can transform your home and instantly improve its aesthetic interiors.

1. Combine Closed Spaces Into an Open Floor Plan

If you live in a home that has too many rooms in its floor plan, this might be a good home remodeling option for you. You may want an open floor plan to make your home feel roomier. This layout encourages interactions among members of the household and makes it easier to entertain more guests. It also improves your aesthetic interiors when naturally lit.

You need to remove one or more walls to create an open floor plan. For example, you might want to open the kitchen to the living area or get rid of walls that box in a dining room. Whichever the case, you need to hire an architect and remodeling contractor to guide you to safely remove the walls. You will also likely need to get a permit for the project.

2. Split an Open Space Into Smaller Rooms

Perhaps your living room is too large. In that case, you might consider converting a small section of it into a home office or a reading area. This remodeling project become increasingly popular as more people started working from home.

Maybe you want to make your space more elegant by creating a formal dining room that’s separate from the rest of your living space. Or, as your family grows, it might make sense to split a large bedroom (at least 18×12) into two smaller ones with loft or bunker beds for kids.

You can create another room by adding a wall. You’ll need to include one or more doors and wiring for outlets. If needed, you may also add a closet for storage and additional windows for egress. Your remodeling contractor will help ensure the project meets the building code for wiring.

3. Expand Your Kitchen

Think about how you will be using your kitchen before you extend it. Suppose you plan to frequently entertain many friends and family. In that case, you may want features such as a prep sink, an island with electrical outlets, a big refrigerator, and a secondary oven.

Adding a walk-in pantry or additional cabinets is a good idea if you’re low on storage for your kitchen supplies. A countertop that extends into a peninsula with room for a few barstools is an excellent addition for entertaining guests or family. Whichever the case, you’ll need to knock down a wall and change the flooring.

Since a kitchen extension takes up space from an adjoining room, you must be judicious about every square footage to ensure you don’t overwhelm it. You’ll need the relevant permits and the help of an architect and remodeling contractor to compensate for any load-bearing walls.

Quality Workmanship for Your Home’s Aesthetic Interiors

Remodeling your home is a huge project. You want to work with a local remodeling contractor that guarantees outstanding quality and exceptional customer service with minimal impact on your lifestyle. Contact Bohan Contracting today to schedule a project consultation and receive a free estimate.