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Remodeled Kitchen With Grey Cabinets And Stainless Appliances

6 Kitchen Trends to Try in 2019

If you are planning a renovation for your home this year, a modern kitchen is one of the best ways to raise the value of a home and attract long-term residents. Keep these 2019 kitchen trends in mind when choosing fixtures and finishes. Open Shelving Instead of closed kitchen cabinets and hidden storage, try open…

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home remodeling project

What To Expect During Your Home Remodeling Project

So, you finally did it. You decided to take on a new home remodeling project. By now, family and friends have probably offered friendly advice about what you should or should not expect during a home remodeling project. Some of this is no doubt helpful, while much of it is contradicting. So, what should you…

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install new windows

5 Signs It’s Time to Install New Windows

Windows don’t need to be replaced often, so many people don’t think to check them. However, there are five signs for you to be aware of to know when it’s time to install new windows. 1. Condensation Whether your windows are single – or double-paned, condensation can become a problem. Some condensation is normal, but…

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Remodel your home

5 Reasons You Should Remodel Your Home Now

Do you love your home, but notice that it could use some changes? Here are five great reasons to remodel your home. 1. Resale Value Are you looking to resell your home in the future? The right upgrades can increase resale value to your house. Remodels also allow you to enjoy the fun new updates…

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Bathroom design trends

Top Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

Homeowners who are planning a bathroom remodel in the New Year should keep the top design trends of 2019 in mind. Here are the new bathroom features and styles we expect clients to request the most in the coming months. Exposed Hardware House Beautiful identifies this 2019 bathroom trend inspired by industrial design, in which…

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home addition financing

The 5 Best Home Addition Financing Options

Building an addition to the home you love can be an exciting yet costly prospect. Having the right home addition financing can take a burden off your shoulders and allow the process to go more smoothly. Out of all the financing options available, there are five finance home addition opportunities you should be aware of…

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Fall kitchen upgrades

Fall Kitchen Upgrades You Should Consider

With the arrival of fall comes holiday prep. Your kitchen is the heart of your home throughout the holidays, whether you’re preparing warm meals or entertaining guests. If you’re thinking of renovating this fall, here are five fall kitchen upgrades to consider. 1. Cabinet Lighting Use LED lighting to brighten up your cooking space. Cabinet…

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Big Home addition

4 Steps That Make A Big Home Addition Easy

Adding a whole new space to your home is an exciting project. It also is a daunting process. When you decide that you want to make a major addition to your home, it is helpful to divide the tasks involved in taking you from beginning to end. Here are four useful steps to get you…

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Plans for home addition with calculator

Estimating the Cost of a Home Addition Before You Start

Adding on to your home can be a great solution to gain the living space and storage you need without shopping for a new house. Before you decide to build, however, you should determine how much a home addition may cost. If the expense is too high, you may not be able to get the…

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replace tile floor during home renovation project

Top Nine Things That Make Homeowners Unhappy With Their Homes

If you live in a house long enough you may be likely to have some areas of the home that you love and others that you wish you could change. Here are the top nine things that can make homeowners unhappy with their homes. These are important to keep in mind when considering a home…

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