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How Energy Efficient Windows Work

The average household spends over 6% of their annual income on energy costs. That’s a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. There must be ways to lower your energy bills, right?

There are many energy-efficient upgrades you can make to your home that will make it more comfortable to live in and easier on your wallet. We’re here to talk about one great option: energy-efficient windows.

Read on to learn all about how energy-efficient windows work so you can make an informed choice before you upgrade your home.

Spacer Systems

Not many people know about space systems within windows. These systems are part of what determines how much heat or cold will get into your home through your windows, even when they’re closed. They also help determine how much heat or cold can get out.

Within energy-efficient new windows is polymer structural foam instead of metal. That structural foam acts as insulation. The greater the insulation of the windows, the more they’ll help you save energy (and, as a result, the more they’ll help you reduce your energy bills).

Modern Energy-Efficient Glass

Modern glass in new energy-efficient windows is actually different from the glass that was used in old windows!

If you’ve ever spent time in an old home with large and beautiful windows, you’ve likely noticed that the temperature inside is more difficult to regulate. During the summer, it gets incredibly hot. During the winter, even being close to the closed windows will give you a chill.

This is because old windows tend to be single-pane. There just isn’t enough insulation to keep the temperature inside steady.

Modern windows use double-pane (and sometimes even triple-pane) windows instead. Not only do they add more temperature regulation, but they can also play a part in blocking UV rays (so your furniture, paint, carpet, and skin will all be safer).

Low-Emissivity Glass Coating

It’s not just the double panels that make modern glass windows more energy-efficient. Low-emissivity glass coating also plays a part in making windows better at keeping heat or cold out or in.

Glass with this type of coating is sometimes referred to as low-E glass. It keeps UV rays out of the house because it’s somewhat reflective. You can also add an extra glaze to your window to add a tint, a more reflective coating, glass fills, and more.

All of these things will keep your windows working more efficiently so you can save money on your power bills.

That’s How Energy-Efficient Windows Work

Energy-efficient windows have several factors working together that make them so effective. Between the insulation provided by the spacer systems, the extra pane(s) of glass, and the low-emissivity glass coating, modern windows are far better at keeping homes comfortable temperatures and keeping energy costs down.

Now that you know how energy-efficient windows work, are you interested in a new window installation? At Bohan Contracting, we can help! Contact us so we can discuss your newest energy-efficient home upgrade as soon as possible.