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Want a Successful Historical Home Renovation? Here Are Expert Tips

Embarking on the restoration journey of a historical home is a unique and enriching opportunity for homeowners and residential property owners in Maryland. At Bohan Contracting, one of our specialties is historical home renovation. We are familiar with Maryland’s rich history and heritage and work to preserve the property’s architectural character, creating a harmonious blend of the past and present.

With professional assistance, you can skillfully navigate the intricate challenges and decisions associated with revitalizing these treasured pieces of history. In this guide, you will discover a collection of expert tips tailored to ensure the success of your historical home renovation project. Feel free to partner with us for a stress-free and affordable renovation process.

Research and Respect Architectural Authenticity

Delve into Maryland’s home design history and its influence on your property’s architecture before commencing any renovations. Let the original architectural style, original features, and period-specific design elements guide your renovation decisions. Strive to maintain the property’s authenticity by sourcing materials and fixtures that mirror its era to preserve the historical charm and increase your home’s value.

Plan for Modern Functionality

While honoring the historical integrity of your Maryland home is essential, integrating its modern functionality is equally important. Our professional contractors discreetly incorporate energy-efficient systems, such as HVAC, insulation, and lighting, to keep the home comfortable, efficient, and equipped for contemporary living while maintaining its historical aesthetics.

Preserve and Restore Original Features

The original features of your home are unique and valuable. Whether it is intricate moldings, original hardwood floors, or ornate fireplaces, preserving and restoring these features should be the centerpiece of your renovation. As skilled contractors with experience in historical restoration, we carefully repair and refurbish these elements, enhancing the overall authenticity of your property.

Navigate Permitting and Documentation

Maryland has a complex permitting process for renovating historical residential properties. Local preservation boards and historical commissions review and approve renovation plans, ensuring that any alterations align with the historical significance and character of the property. While the meticulous process is essential for maintaining the state’s cultural legacy, it can present challenges.

Due diligence on necessary permits and approvals, careful planning, and adherence to preservation guidelines are vital. Maintain meticulous documentation throughout the renovation, including photographs, records of materials used, and notes on architectural modifications to show your dedication to historical accuracy and streamline future inspections or appraisals.

Partner with Preservation Experts

Collaborate with professionals well-versed in historical preservation and renovation within Maryland’s unique context. We recommend engaging with architects, contractors, and artisans experienced in working with historical properties to ensure the remodeling project adheres to Maryland’s preservation codes and standards. Their expertise will help you make informed decisions about structural changes, material selection, and the project’s overall scope.

Choose Bohan Contracting for Historical Home Renovation

Embarking on a historical home renovation journey in Maryland demands a delicate balance between preserving the past and adapting for the future. Achieve a successful renovation by conducting thorough research, collaborating with experts, respecting authenticity, blending modern functionality, and meticulously documenting the process. Our services at Bohan Contracting will help you honor the rich heritage of your property while providing a comfortable and beautiful living space for generations to come. Contact us today to request our remodeling and renovation services.