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Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom

Congratulations on wrapping up your bathroom remodel! It’s time to enjoy your new oasis. But wait, there’s more to a bathroom renovation than relaxing in your new soaking tub. You’ll want to put bathroom maintenance on your agenda, too.

In this mini-guide, we’ve shared a few of our favorite maintenance tips. You prepared well for your remodel, now it’s time to preserve the beauty and functionality of your new bathroom.

Surface Cleaning and Maintenance Essentials

Everything starts with surface cleaning. To maintain the appearance of countertops, make sure you choose the right cleaning products.

If your new bathroom includes marble, granite, or specialty tiles, opt for a mild, non-abrasive cleanser. Preserve luster without compromising integrity. Establish a weekly routine to ward off grime, soap scum, and mineral deposits.

Certain countertop materials, such as natural stone, may need occasional re-sealing to shield against general wear and tear. Stone is porous and susceptible to water damage if not cared for properly.

Keep Bathroom Floors Looking Pristine

Like other surfaces in your new bathroom, floors need regular TLC. Tailor your care routine to the specific flooring material chosen during the renovation.

A consistent cleaning routine with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner works best to keep bathroom tiles looking lovely.

Natural stone floors, like marble, demand specialized care. Dry clean with a soft cloth or dust mop twice a week. Deep clean monthly with mild soap or stone surface cleaner.

Please avoid lemon, vinegar, and ammonia. These are all cleaning favorites, but on stone surfaces, they can strip away luster and compromise the surface.

In addition to routine care, incorporate preventive measures. Use quality bath mats near showers and sinks to minimize water exposure. Consider using a flooring professional for periodic maintenance, such as resealing tile or stone.

Maintaining High-Tech Bathroom Features

Bathroom renovations have changed over the years. Today’s bathrooms often feature high-tech fixtures that require special care. For example, smart fixtures need a delicate touch. Clean with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid scratches on digital displays or sensitive surfaces.

Use manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions. Pay specific attention to touchscreens and sensors, wiping them gently to preserve responsiveness.

Smart toilets and digital shower systems may need software updates. Regular updates enhance performance and address potential glitches.

Proper Ventilation and Humidity Control

The bathroom is the most humid room in the house. Excessive moisture can damage surfaces and lead to mold development. Mold doesn’t only impact surfaces, it can make people sick.

During your renovation, your contractor may have installed a new ventilation system. Periodic checks and cleaning of fans and ducts will prevent potential moisture-related issues.

Humidity control helps preserve the integrity of surfaces, floors, and those high-tech features mentioned above.

Enjoying Your Bathroom Remodel?

Maintaining your renovated bathroom is a breeze when you follow our tips. Choose mild, non-abrasive cleansers for surfaces, set up a regular cleaning routine, schedule professional care when needed, and keep up with updates for any high-tech fixtures.

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