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Fiber Cement Siding vs Wood: A Comparison

Adding fiber cement siding to your home can grant you a return on investment (ROI) of 87% should you ever sell your home. However, if it is the wrong siding for your situation, you may not get an ROI at all. You have to perform careful research when you are deciding on siding for your residential property in Maryland.

This article will help you get started with this research. Read on to learn the differences between fiber cement siding vs wood siding.

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement is relatively new compared to many other types of siding. It is made from a combination of wood pulp and cement fibers.

Manufacturers can shape these materials into various forms of siding. These include anything from lap siding to batten and board.

What Is Wood Siding?

In contrast to fiber cement, wood siding is one of the oldest forms of siding. It’s also very popular because it looks beautiful and is versatile.

Manufacturers use many different types of wood to make wood sidings. These include pine, cedar, oak, and more. You can also get wood sidings in many styles, such as jointed horizontal siding.

Differences Between Fiber Cement Siding vs Wood Siding

Out of these two Maryland siding options, one is not necessarily better than the other. Either of them can be the better or worse option. It all depends on how much work you can put in and what the climate is like in your area.


Fiber cement siding is more resistant to fire than wood siding. There are some treatments you can put on wood to make it less weak to fire. However, this can only do so much.


Wood is vulnerable to insects such as termites, and fiber cement siding is not. However, certain treatments can help keep insects away from wood. You may have to keep applying this treatment yourself, however.


Wood is usually easy and thus cheap for siding companies in Maryland to install. Fiber cement is more difficult for companies to install. The installation process usually requires installers to use several specialized tools.

Energy Efficiency

Wood does a better job of keeping heating and cooling from escaping a home than fiber cement. Thus, an HVAC in a home with wood siding will work less hard and save the homeowner on energy costs. The owner of a home with fiber cement siding will need to find other ways to insulate his or her home.

We’ll Install Your Choice of Siding on Your Home

In conclusion, when it comes to fiber cement siding vs wood siding, wood siding may require more hands-on maintenance to stay in good shape. However, it can still provide a lot of things that fiber cement cannot. Be sure to check out some other features of these and other sidings as well, as this list does not include everything.

When you have decided on the siding you want, contact us. Siding is just one of the many home renovation products that we offer in Maryland. Tell us your contracting needs on this page, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.