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Building an Addition Frequently Beats Moving

Home addition construction

Consider Home Addition

Maybe you are experiencing a growing family. Perhaps you and your spouse have both decided to work from home permanently. It could be that everyone needs more privacy, room for hobbies, or an extra bathroom. Whatever the reason, you may suddenly come to the realization that your home is not big enough. Before you start shopping around for a new house, consider the benefits of adding on to your current home.

Love for Your Neighborhood

Location, location, location. You may have chosen your home for various reasons, but location was likely a large factor. If the children are happily enrolled in nearby schools, favorite stores are within reach, and you’ve joined an area gym or community center, the family may be reluctant to leave the area. While you can certainly find these conveniences in a new place, it takes research and a period of adjustment.

Avoid the Time and Costs of Selling and House Hunting

In order to facilitate a move, you need to sell your current home. This means finding a real estate agent, cleaning, staging, and enduring tours by interested buyers. At the same time, you need to research and tour potential new homes. These tasks not only take time and energy, they take money as well. You have to consider the costs of a home inspection, repair expenses, staging charges, closing costs, and more.

You Want to Escape the Hassel of Moving

Even after you’ve found the perfect future house, as well as a qualified buyer for your current one, you still have to go through the rigors and expenses of moving. You need to sort items, carefully pack boxes, and load a rented moving truck. Of course, you can hire a moving company, but that is yet another expense that can be avoided by choosing an addition over moving. Finally, don’t underestimate the emotional toll all this takes on family life. A house is filled with memories, instead of leaving them behind, make room for new ones with an addition.

If you’ve reviewed your options for acquiring more living space and are leaning toward an addition, contact Bohan Contracting by calling 410-774-5122 or emailing us today. We can share additional information, provide a free quote, and help meet your expanded housing needs.