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5 Signs It’s Time to Install New Windows

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Windows don’t need to be replaced often, so many people don’t think to check them. However, there are five signs for you to be aware of to know when it’s time to install new windows.

1. Condensation

Whether your windows are single – or double-paned, condensation can become a problem. Some condensation is normal, but if there is condensation building between the glass on a double-paned window, it means the seal is not secure.

2. High Cost

One of the easiest indicators of knowing when you should install new windows is a high energy bill. Windows can help regulate temperatures in your home, but if you’ve seen an increase in your energy bill it could be a sign that your air conditioner or heating unit is working overtime.

3. Opening and Closing

Is it getting difficult to open or close your windows? It shouldn’t require a great deal of strength to open or shut them, so if it is you may want to consider hiring a contractor to install new ones for you.

4. Loud Noises

Can you hear street noise when you’re inside with the windows closed? Your widows work to block some sound vibrations from the world outside your home, but if sounds are louder than usual it may be time for new windows.

5. Decay and Leakage

Over time, window frames can decay, especially wooden ones. That can lead to your windows not sitting properly, the seal being broken and overall lack of function with the windows. Another problem is leakage, which can lead to water pooling on your floor. Leaking windows can lead to other problems, so it’s best to consult a professional about this.

New Windows for You

If you experience or have noticed any of the problems listed above, it’s time to replace your windows. Contact Bohan Contracting at 410-774-5122 to learn more about how we can help you.