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Top Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

Bathroom design trends

Homeowners who are planning a bathroom remodel in the New Year should keep the top design trends of 2019 in mind. Here are the new bathroom features and styles we expect clients to request the most in the coming months.

Exposed Hardware

House Beautiful identifies this 2019 bathroom trend inspired by industrial design, in which the hardware and plumbing under the sink are exposed. If you want a classic, antique look, try this style with sleek modern flair by choosing polished brass fixtures.

Free-Standing Tubs

Many homeowners are making a gorgeous clawfoot tub the focal point of the bathroom. Pair this classical look with other Renaissance inspired details, like rich jewel tones or a stunning mural or fineart canvas on one wall.

Gray and White Marble

More of a sophisticated modern classic than a trend at this point, gray and white marble will remain strong in 2019, according to Elle Decor. This material is prized for both durability and versatility, with the ability to fit into a variety of decor aesthetics seamlessly. Over marble? Look for man-made materials made to look like quartz and natural stone.

Warmed-Up Concrete

Although concrete has a stark, cold reputation, it gets a makeover in the bathroom when paired with warmer elements such as wood, gold, and brass. This fits with the prevailing 2019 aesthetic, mixing organic and industrial elements, which explains why this material is one of the biggest trends of the year in terms of your bathroom remodel.

Smart Technology

As smarter tech enters our lives, why not take advantage in the bathroom? We’re seeing mirror-mounted touch screens that allow you to control waterproof speakers, ambient lighting and other aspects of your relaxation oasis.

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