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5 Surprisingly High ROI Home Improvement Projects

Attic Insulation Being Installed Is A High ROI Home Improvement Projects

High ROI Home Improvement Projects

Do you think the best way to spend your home improvement dollars before selling your home is on a new kitchen or major bathroom remodel? Think again. According to a 2017 US News report, these projects do not actually bring the highest ROI at resale. While kitchens and bathrooms do provide the wow factor that helps sell homes, major remodels only return 65% and 50% respectively at resale. What projects do offer the best ROI’s? Here are 5 high ROI home improvement projects:

Attic Insulation

This surprising home improvement project actually has the highest ROI at resale of 29 common home improvement projects. Adding attic insulation has an average ROI of 108% and boasts an average cost of only $1,500. Furthermore, it reduces utility bills while you still own your home.

Upgraded Landscaping

They say curb appeal means everything, and this proves true as upgraded exterior landscaping is our second high ROI home improvement project. Clocking in at 105%, landscaping upgrades are our second project that return over 100% at resale.

New Garage Doors

New Garage Doors Are High ROI Home Improvement Projects
Add one more to the curb appeal category. New exterior garage doors are another high ROI home improvement project offering a return of 85%. While appearance matters, buyers are also looking for doors with high safety ratings and electric openers.

New Front Entry Doors

Want to invest in high ROI home improvement projects? Just keep investing in doors. According to the report, new front entry doors, particularly steel entry doors, recoup 91% of costs at resale.

Energy Efficient Windows

Last but not least on our list, are energy efficient windows. While attic insulation might be a surprise on this list, window upgrades have long been known as a high ROI home improvement project. With an ROI of 74%, vinyl windows are slightly better than wood windows, which clocked in at 73%.

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Data in this article was taken from a 2017 Report by US News ranking 10 Home Renovations with the Best Return on Investment.