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Trending Home Designs of 2018

Many home designers and builders are finding some common patterns already in 2018. Homeowners are ditching styles that have been in use for decades and are instead opting for more daring pieces. If you have renovation projects on the horizon, then consider checking out the following trends.

Remodeled Kitchen With Grey Cabinets And Stainless Appliances

Anything Other Than Stainless Steel

Due to its durability and complementary nature for other styles, stainless steel has long been the go-to material for many kitchen sinks. However, homeowners have begun to discover that materials, such as concrete, granite and stone, are just as durable and can really make a kitchen stand out.

Rich Kitchen Hues

An all-white kitchen works in almost any style of home. For your next remodeling job, consider bringing in bolder, more vibrant colors. From the backsplash to the appliances themselves, rich colors can add depth and dimension to a kitchen and become a great accent.

Brass Accents

There are plenty of spaces in a room where you can accentuate fixtures with brass. Lighting and mirrors are great for naturally incorporating the material.

Light-Colored Flooring

If you have darker walls in a room, then you can contrast them beautifully with a lighter floor. A great way to accomplish this is to bring wooden materials into the mix.

Floral Prints

Floral patterns tend to go in and out of style, but as of 2018, they are officially in. You can choose to use bold floral accents to liven up the living room or kitchen. You could also opt for more subtler patterns. From the furniture to the wallpaper, you have plenty of ways to add this vibrant pattern.

Going Green

Many households are starting to go green and not just in the eco-friendly way. Adding some houseplants to a room is timeless, and can improve your indoor air quality.

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