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Build Up or Build Out: Which Home Addition Is Right for You?

home addition construction

Have you ever thought about expanding your home? When you have a new addition constructed, you have more room for your family, more space for new rooms, and a higher property value. When considering a new addition, you have two options. You can choose to build out, or you can choose to build up. What you decide depends heavily on your property and what you plan to do with the addition.

Building Out

When you build out, you do have to consider your yard. If you have a lot of land, then it may be no trouble to sacrifice some yard space for the sake of your home. When you build-out, the contractor will use a backhoe to pull up the ground, and then a foundation will be built along with supporting walls.

There is not a lot of disruption to your daily routine with this option. However, you do need to keep zoning laws in mind, as you may need a zoning variance from your city.

Building Up

To build up, you add another story. A bonus to building up is that you do not have to compromise your yard’s size for your home’s size. Also, your contractor won’t have to build you a new foundation. Instead, your contractor can reinforce the current foundation and the walls to support the floor.

One consideration that you do need to consider is the allowable heights of buildings in your area. An addition to the upper level of your home can also be time-consuming, as you may have to alter the ceilings, structural supports, and walls.

No matter how you want to perform your home remodels, a new addition always provides extra square footage and value. To find out more about home improvements and construction, consult with Bohan Contracting today!