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Revitalize Your Home With Exterior Painting

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Spring is a great time to focus on exterior home improvements. As the weather gets warmer and we find ourselves spending more time outside, the importance of curb appeal increases. As you think about all the steps you can take to improve your home’s exterior, you might consider painting.

Removing the Peeling Paint

There’s nothing that will date your home more than old, peeling paint. Even if it’s not very old, it will look aged and run down if the paint isn’t in good condition. Before a new coat of paint is applied, you should have your home power washed to remove any flakes and peelings that will get in the way of your new paint job.

Updating the Style of Your Home

Styles and fads change, and that doesn’t just apply to clothes and hair. The color of your home could be outdated. The styles that were popular even 15 or 20 years ago could make your home stick out like a sore thumb among neighboring houses. Those brightly colored shutters that were all the rage ten years ago might not look so hot anymore. A fresh coat of paint could do wonders for the style of your home.

Avoiding Mold and Chalky Residue

Anything that is left to sit too long is going to develop attributes that are not necessarily pleasant. This includes the exterior of your home. It takes attention to detail and maintenance to avoid mold and mildew, and a fresh coat of paint could help. You should wash the mold and mildew off the home first, but a fresh coat of paint will help keep it from spreading.

Old paint also begins to leave a chalky residue before it peels. If anyone rests a hand on your home or brushes up against it while entering the house, it could be uncomfortable. New paint can eliminate this problem.

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