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Benefits of Upgrading To Energy-Efficient Windows


energy-efficient windows

Energy-Efficient Window Replacement

As a residential-only remodeling contractor, Bohan Contracting is focused on providing high-end remodeling and exterior improvement services. One of the services we offer is the installation of energy-efficient windows. Homeowners understand how important it is to protect against energy loss and displacement in the home. While you might think that your current windows are up to the task, consider the several benefits of switching to energy-efficient windows.

Improving Comfort Throughout the Home

How often do you walk into a room and experience a cold draft or a drastic temperature shift? If your home was well insulated and the windows were doing their job, you wouldn’t be experiencing this temperature discrepancy. Energy-efficient windows, especially high-end designs, help to balance and manage the temperature fluctuations throughout your home. In fact, with our installation service, you are likely to experience consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your home all year round.

Protecting Your Valuables

Energy-efficient windows, especially those with an energy star rating, are sealed with a low emissivity coating, protecting the interior of your home against UV exposure. While these windows will not eliminate the UV light entirely, they will reduce the potential of sun damage to carpets, furniture, and flooring. Old windows, even energy star models, can lose this coating over time, requiring replacement.

Saving You Money

Energy-efficient windows will have a positive effect on your monthly energy bills. Because of the specialized coatings on the windows, your home will be using less energy than normal. The benefits are twofold. First, it saves you money in your pocketbook, and second, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

If you can’t remember the last time that you replaced the windows in your home, or the windows you installed are not up to snuff, Contact Bohan Contracting for an energy-efficient installation. Call 410-774-5122 or email us today to get started!