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Four Considerations in Designing Your Perfect Kitchen Island

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The kitchen is often the gathering place for family and friends. Whether you’re completing a full kitchen remodel or simply adding an island, it needs to be perfect so everyone can enjoy it together. The following are four considerations in designing that perfect kitchen island.

Barstools or Chairs?

What does your perfect kitchen island look like in terms of seating? Are you that cool house with bar stools or do you have a more sophisticated style and want high-backed chairs? Do you plan to have children sitting at the island, or is it more for adults? How many seats can you fit around the island you plan to install?

Countertop or Stovetop?

Every cook likes to do things a little differently. Are you a cook who likes a wide space where you can make a mess or organize ingredients? You may consider an empty countertop with plenty of space to do your work. Do you prefer the convenience of having the stovetop, sink, and counter space all in the same spot? That works, too! There are a lot of options for how you design and organize your top space.

Large or Small?

You may need to take a nice long look at your kitchen overall to determine the size of your kitchen island. Can you fit a large island in your kitchen, or does the space require something smaller? If the sky’s the limit, what kind of space do you want in your kitchen? A large area where the entire family can sit or stand around and help prepare dinner, or a smaller area that gives you that little bit of extra counter space?

Quartz or Wood?

There are a lot of materials used for kitchen island countertops these days. The material you choose may be determined by the style of your kitchen and your home, as well as the purpose for which you plan to use it. For example, if your kitchen takes a beating, quartz is a durable option. If you do a fair amount of slicing and dicing, you might incorporate a butcher block.

Contact Someone to Help

Your home should be an extension of yourself and your style. When designing the perfect kitchen island, consider seating, space, size, and materials to come up with the best design for your life. Contact Bohan Contracting by calling 410-774-5122 or emailing us today, for help in creating that perfect space.