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3 of the Best Investments for a Kitchen Remodel

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Whether you’re remodeling before selling your home or simply want to invest in a kitchen remodel you can enjoy on a daily basis, there are some careful considerations you should take before solidifying your plan. Some investments will bring you a greater return than others, so you’ll probably want to consider those first. The following are three of the best investments you can make for your kitchen remodel.

The Entire Layout

Investing in a professional designer could be one of the best decisions you make. The layout of your kitchen is important to how the room functions for you and future owners. Homebuyers often want a kitchen with an open floor plan that makes everything easily accessible and functional. Not only that, but the layout should appeal to whoever will spend the most time in the kitchen. If that’s you, make sure you’re a part of the planning process.

The Countertops

Beautiful countertops in good repair can spruce up any old kitchen. On the other hand, old, faded counters atop new cabinets can make any room look outdated. Your countertops should definitely be included in your list of kitchen remodel investments. There are so many options these days that make a beautiful addition to a kitchen. You might consider granite, quartz, butcher block, or other unique options available today.

The Backsplash

One of the best ways to personalize your kitchen space and make an impactful statement is with the backsplash. Using subway tile, you can customize the colors, sizes, layout, and overall look of the backsplash. Many homeowners extend the backsplash around every area where a counter meets a wall, and others only include it on the wall where the stove is. The options are many and the personalization is up to you.

Getting Started with Your Kitchen Remodel

As you can see, there are some fun and beautiful things you can invest in to make the most of your kitchen remodel. Contact Bohan Contracting by calling 410-774-5122 or emailing us today to learn more.