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Important Questions to Ask Your Remodeling Contractor Today

Remodeling your home can be an exciting and nerve-racking experience. If you have major questions about the logistics of your home remodeling project, don’t hesitate to ask your remodeling contractor. Here are three essential questions to ask before work begins on your home.

What Is a Realistic Budget?

From a minor facelift to a complete kitchen remodel, there are a wide range of services that a remodeling contractor can perform. Because of this range, it can be difficult to determine an accurate budget for your project. As you begin communicating with a contractor, but before the process begins, ask your contractor about a reasonable budget. Determine what you can do to stick to your budget before any work begins.

Do You Have an Approximate Deadline?

If your remodeling project needs to be completed within a deadline, you must communicate this deadline to your contractor at the beginning of the project. Be careful about setting too firm of a deadline, however, because hidden issues and unexpected repairs may require additional time. By rushing your contractor, you may not end up with the flawless finish you want.

How Far Are You Willing to Travel?

Ask your remodeling team about their service range. It doesn’t do you any good to find a dream team only to discover you are outside of their service area. Inform your contractor of your address and check to see if there are any additional travel fees for your particular location, as this could affect your budget and timeline.

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