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Home Renovations That Have High Return Value

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When working with a tight budget, you need to prioritize your home renovations by what would bring the most value. Even though you want to add value to your current living situation, you will also want to add to your home’s overall value for a potential sale. There are several places to make an investment that will have a positive return on your home’s worth.

General Maintenance

Even though general maintenance needs won’t bring value the same way, an addition or remodel will; preventing or addressing problems can keep you from spending money on repairs. A leaky roof can interrupt the livability of your home and damage your home’s structure or personal belongings. Upgrades matter little if the house is in disrepair.


The heart of a home is in the kitchen, but it only holds value when it is both functional and beautiful. Complete overhauls can bring tens of thousands of dollars in equity, but you can still get the most bang for your buck by upgrading your old countertops, painting the cabinets, adding in a backsplash, or putting in an island. The choice of materials and types of appliances you have will also impact the overall worth of the upgrade.


Curb appeal creates the first impression for anyone visiting your home. It sets the tone for a potential sale, but it also makes an emotional response when coming home from work or when visiting family pulls into the driveway. A coat of paint on the door of the house, modern landscaping, and a new garage door are all great investments for easy-to-do minor changes.


Another room of the house that can bring added value is the bathroom. Not only does the bathroom need to be functional, but it also needs serenity and relaxation. Start by replacing the fixture and mirrors, putting in new flooring, and changing the vanity for effective upgrades. This will not only update your bathroom but create a complete refresh.

Professional Help With Home Improvement

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