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Tips for Determining Who Should Be Renovating Your Home


Home Projects

We find that as homeowners, there’s always some project that could be started, and sometimes there’s a few that are stuck in the middle ground between begun and done. There are lots of reasons why DIY projects stall out. Money and time are pretty big delaying agents. Sometimes, though, your DIY project was always meant to be something that needed professional treatment. At Bohan Contracting, we understand that turning over the reins to your pet projects is hard. We also have a good eye for determining when projects are DIY and when they should be left to the pros.

Do You Possess the Applicable Skillset?

There’s a difference between learning some basics about doing a small project and bringing in thousands of hours of experience to bear on it. A licensed electrician, for instance, has invested so much time studying wiring systems and such that there’s no guesswork. Experience guides them. For a novice to attempt anything but a simple procedure for their home electrical system is risking fire damage to the structure and electrocution. This safety element applies to working with lumber, metal, or power tools, as well.

Do You Have the Proper Tools?

If you’re like us, you want to have all the tools to practice using them. Sometimes when you’re working on a DIY, especially in an old house, you’ll run into issues that didn’t come up when the project was evaluated. Now you’re in the midst of something that’s going to require buying or renting something that you don’t quite know how to use and attempting a procedure that you’ve never done before. It can get out of hand and expensive, real fast.

Good home renovation is a precision game. When it’s done, you want to see perfection. (So do we!) There are undoubtedly DIY projects that are suitable for beginners. For everything else, reach out to us at Bohan Contracting. We want to help you to bring to life your brilliant DIY vision. Call us at 410-774-5122 or email us!