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When Should You Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

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Is It Time to Repaint?

Painting your home is a significant investment that protects your exterior from the elements, but you may be wondering when to repaint. If you wait too long, the home’s building materials can degrade quickly and allow moisture to enter the interior. Understanding crucial factors like the quality of the last paint job, climate, and type of building material can help you estimate when to call a professional crew to paint.

Quality of Last Paint Job

The timing of when to repaint your home has a lot to do with the quality of your last paint job. If a crew rushes the prepping and painting, the paint is not likely to last long. Proper cleaning, caulking, and sanding are essential for a lasting finish, and you can carefully inspect your home’s exterior to determine if the previous painters performed a quality service. If you see flaking or chipped paint, holes in caulking, or water damage, it’s time to repaint.


The climate in your location is another primary factor in determining when to repaint. Coastal homes that have weathered the salt spray have to be painted more frequently. Extreme heat and cold and frequent powerful storms can also shorten the lifespan of exterior paint considerably. If you live in an area with low humidity and mild winters, your paint is likely to last longer.

Building Materials

The building materials used in your home’s exterior can also influence the frequency of exterior paint jobs. Wood and aluminum siding need to be painted more frequently than stucco, brick, or fiberboard siding. While wood may need a new paint job every three to seven years, brick does not require new paint until after fifteen to twenty years.

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