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3 All-inclusive Principles of Universal Design

Have you thought about incorporating Universal Design into your new home construction or remodeling project? This philosophy of building strives to include features that make a living space accessible and enjoyable for everyone who uses it. When designers embrace the tenets of Universal Design, the benefit is user-friendly surroundings. Consider some of the pluses and see if Universal Design can fit into your plans.

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Wide-Open Spaces

One of the most apparent things builders can do to make living spaces open to everyone is to make them larger. When accommodating a wheelchair, walker or baby stroller, more room is a welcomed feature. A more extensive space also just seems more inviting and is usually easier for everyone to navigate. Universal Design includes wider doorways, hallways, bathrooms and greater ease of movement throughout the home.


One of the targets Universal Design attempts to hit is creating a home where everything is easier to use. Cabinets, drawers and doors that open effortlessly make any home more appealing. Designing counter space and sitting areas that are lower and easily accessible produces a greater comfort level for all to enjoy.

Visual Appeal

Universal Design makes every effort to nurture and inspire through functional designs that have aesthetic appeal. Increasing lighting levels and creating areas that are easier to keep de-cluttered can enhance the natural charm and positive ambiance in your home. In addition to making your home more physically available to residents and visitors, Universal Design can cultivate a feeling of emotional support.

The absence or presence of a physical challenge has little bearing on the basics of Universal Design. The philosophy centers on providing the most comfortable environment based on what human beings require to live. The designers at Bohan Contracting are experts on incorporating all facets of Universal Design principles into your remodeling projects.

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