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3 Gorgeous Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Master Bathroom Remodel With Luxury Shower and Granite Countertops

Bathrooms are a space that needs to be functional before anything else, but an outdated bathroom can really be a drain on the aesthetic appeal of your home. Updating a bathroom can be a great way to refresh your entire house and can make getting ready for the day or washing up at night a much more enjoyable experience.

Showers Replace Bathtubs

Zero threshold and spa-like showers should be giving old-fashioned bathtubs a run for their money. With the elegant and seamless design of a zero-threshold shower, you can open up the space in your bathroom and help the room to have more flow. New showers can include built-in benches and special jets for ultimate relaxation. Tubs take up a lot of space and for most people, simply aren’t worth it. Instead, a luxurious shower can give you all the warm washing power you need.

New Technology Updates

You shouldn’t be surprised if you see new technology being incorporating into the most modern bathrooms. Whether it’s heated floors or built-in Bluetooth shower speakers, technology can help give you a fun and blissful experience. Advanced features like touch mirrors and smart shower heads may not be commonplace now, but they should quickly be rising up to be the next big trend.

Trending Accessories

Fun tile designs, quartz countertops, and vintage accessories with a twist can all be great ways to update your bathroom space. Brass faucets and wall fixtures can bring in some industrial-chic flair to freshen up the area and can be accented by colorful tiles arranged in fresh and exciting patterns. Granite may no longer be as popular as more budget-friendly, beautiful quartz. Replacing the fixtures and details in your bathroom can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of updating a bathroom.
The bathroom is a room you use every day. Help keep it fresh and fun by working with Bohan Contracting to accomplish the bathroom remodeling project of your dreams. For any questions or to discuss your bathroom remodel, give us a call!