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Kitchen Remodel: How To Choose New Cabinets

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Kitchen Cabinet Options 

If you’re ready for an upgraded kitchen, the first thing you want to look at is your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets are the centerpieces of the project. If you want to be happy with your final project, you need to pick the cabinets that speak to you the most.

Consider the Door Profile

One thing to consider is the door profile. Your door profile is the most visible element of the cabinets. If you aren’t sure the type of door profile you prefer, we can help you analyze the benefits and disadvantages of each. Your profile could change whether your cabinets look contemporary and modern or vintage and classic.

Choose Wood Type and Hardware

Do you know the type of wood you want? Some people have dream cabinet colors, and if you do, bring it to the table and mention it to the contractor. If you want to brighten your kitchen with bright whites or neutral grays, discuss it ahead of time.

Don’t forget the hardware too! The hardware can alter the complete look of the cabinetry. Additionally, you want to carefully inspect the handles’ material to ensure that you receive high-quality and durable hardware.

Inspect the Architecture

Your kitchen’s architecture may dictate the type of cabinets that look best in your home. We can look at your kitchen’s structure and build custom cabinets and shelves that suit your tastes and room space. Function and practicality are important, but you never have to compromise beauty.

At Bohan Contracting, we work year-round to give our clients the best possible service. We can help you design custom cabinetry for your kitchen’s renovation. For over 25 years, homeowners like you have trusted us with their kitchen remodel! Contact us for your next kitchen project.